When we eat, we say “itadakimasu.”

when we eat , we say Itadakimasu(いただきます) and Goichisou sama deshit
but what are the meaning of both?

Before the start t eating we always say “itadakimasu”.
When we finish to eat,we say “gochisousamadeshita” or “Goichisou sama deshita”
Perhaps some people dont understand the meanings or think its weird
But there is a reason why we say it always and became part of our custome.
Firstly in Japanese “itadakimasu” means “get something.”.
In this situation it means “we will live by foods.”
When we eat,we have to get life from animals, plants, vegetables and so on.
When we say “itadakimasu”,we express the Appreciation and respect for the foods that give to us the power to live.

The word “gochisousamadeshita” means “finish to eat.”.
But it has another meaning like we appreciate for the eating.
We can be alive today because these life helped us.
some Japanese don’t remember the real meaning of those words
but I hope with this explanation people could understand the meaning And the importance of this.

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